The Broadside of a Barn

When Spring weather shows up, many of us think of our houses first. We want to "freshen up" the outside, and make it look new and clean. But what about our shops, sheds, and detached garages? When your outbuildings look great, it really makes the rest of your property stand out as well.

When the siding on our outbuilding(s) need repair or replacement, it could mean that water is getting to the frame of the structure – and destroying it! Check for obvious signs of disrepair such as rotten wood, large amounts of rust on metal siding, or siding that is missing or broken off.

Perhaps it's time to completely re-side your shop, barn, or shed. Choosing the type of material to use can be a big decision. Ultimately you are choosing what is going to protect your outbuilding (and the items in it) from the harsh Minnesota weather for years to come, while also adding value and beauty to your property at the same time.

At Scotty's Exteriors, we are just as comfortable siding your outbuilding as we are your house. As our name implies, we specialize in exteriors – these means all exteriors = residential, commercial, and agricultural buildings. Whether you are looking at a simple repair or a major exterior overhaul, at Scotty's Exteriors we are here to help. Maybe you already have the materials needed to complete your exterior project, or maybe you have no idea where to start. Either way, we are happy to accommodate.

If you are considering new construction, exterior upgrades, or you need storm damage repair, contact us at Scotty's Exteriors. Whether your project is commercial, residential or agricultural, we can provide a free, no hassle estimate.

At Scotty's Exteriors, we are aware of the dangers that COVID-19 poses to everyone. We are still operating business as usual, but with extra safety precautions in place. In an effort to ease your concerns, we want to let you know that most exterior work can be done without coming into close contact. If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call at Scotty's Exteriors.

From all of us at Scotty's Exteriors, stay safe, stay healthy, and Happy Spring!