Your Roof… Options, Options, Options

Not only is the roof on your house extremely functional, it can also be a statement. With the addition of solar panels and tin roofs, traditional shingles in gray, brown or black don't have to be the only option anymore. What types of roof systems are out there? What is the best fit for you and your home?

White Roofing: While this is more of a trend in warmer climates, white or "cool" roofing helps reflect light rather than retain it, which can have a huge impact on keeping the house cooler naturally, as well as lowering the energy bills.

Roofing Tiles: Roofing tiles are becoming popular due to their price and appearance. They tend to last quite a bit longer than asphalt shingles — 25 years compared to 15 years.

Slate Roofing: While slate roofs are among the most expensive option, they are also the most durable. In the long run, they could save you money.

Flat Roofs: Modern building designs bring a lot of clean lines and flat roofs. Flat roofs are super easy to maintain compared with traditional asphalt roofs.

Color Trends: Deep blue roofs. In the coming years you may see a lot more color such as deep blue or bright red showing up in the neighborhood. It makes a statement, it is stylish, bold, and keeps the water out of your home the same way that the traditional grey shingles do.

Metal Roofs: Metal is highly fire-resistant, and many insurance providers will give homeowners who choose to go with a metal roof a safety discount on their homeowners insurance.

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