Rain Gutter Services: Controlling Where the Water Goes

Residential | Commercial

They may not seem like much, but rain gutters can play a vital role in maintaining the structural integrity of your home. Over time, the lack of gutters or improperly installed gutters can result in serious water damage to your home’s exterior and interior. Fortunately Scotty’s Exteriors specializes in gutter installation and repair — and since we are already up there we can correct soffit and fascia issues too.

When you choose Scotty’s Exteriors to install or replace your gutters, you can trust that the work will get done right. Why; because we have been working with roofs and all their related systems (gutters, soffit, fascia, etc.) for nearly two decades.

Our crew of professional installers can properly install appropriately sized gutters and downspouts to meet your home’s water-control needs. The gutters we install are formed on-site, right on your property, ensuring a truly customized product. We rely on an installation package that utilizes stainless steel components wherever possible, as well as hangers and screws that are hidden from view. Everything we do is to enhance functionality while also providing the best aesthetic appearance.

If you are in need of rain gutters, simply because your house has never had them or because you need an upgrade, contact Scotty’s Exteriors. We will get the water flowing in the right direction.

Uncontrolled Water is Known to Cause:

  • Soil Erosion
  • Foundation Sinking
  • Siding Discoloration
  • Deck Rot
  • Driveway Sinking and Grumpling
  • Basement Moisture and Mold Issues

When it Comes to Gutters, We Provide Options:

  • Material: Steel or Aluminum
  • Color Variety
  • Gutter Accessories: gutter covers, extended-length downspouts, splash blocks, etc.